Paid Dakota Protesters Begin Siege of Ohio’s Wayne National Forest

It’s happened, just as we predicted. Paid, out-of-state protesters have arrived in Ohio, as they did in North Dakota, with the intent to block plans to begin fracking on land in Wayne National Forest. The Bureau of Land Management will conduct an auction tomorrow for 1,600 acres of land in WNF (see BLM Launches Auction to Lease Wayne National Forest for Fracking). The protesters in Ohio come from the same source that backed the criminals who have invaded North Dakota (see Police Remove Pipeline Protesting THUGS from Private Land in ND). They pretend to fly under the banner of Native Americans–but it’s nothing of the sort. These are paid protesters, backed with money from Big Green organizations, attempting to gin up support to block all fossil fuel development across the country. Right now there’s only a handful, according to their own press release. It’s important to stop this cancer now, before it grows in Ohio has it has in North Dakota…

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