Climate Radicals Protest in Philly Against Trump’s Cabinet Picks

Some 200 leftist/radical bought-and-paid-for “protesters” (paid by Big Green groups) “rallied” in downtown Philadelphia yesterday in front of both of PA’s U.S. Senate office (Bob Casey, total jerk and Democrat hack, and Pat Toomey, marginal Republican). They were protesting President-elect Trump’s picks to run the EPA, Dept. of Energy and Dept. of Interior–calling them “climate deniers.” This is part of a national campaign paid for by radical environmental groups, like and the Sierra Club, groups totally invested in the theory that mankind is causing the earth to catastrophically heat up–even though the temperature record doesn’t back up the theory. Holding silly banners like “NO CLIMATE DENIAL CABINET” they paraded around, collected their paychecks, bought a few dime bags of weed while they were in the ‘hood and generally had a good time. What’s really offensive is that these same idiots demanded that Republicans rubber stamp Obama’s radical cabinet when he assumed office–which stupid Republicans did. These same “protesters” now demand the victor (yes, Trump won) cave to their childish demands. Fortunately Trump is a different kind of Republican and doesn’t back down from a fight…

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