Lack of NatGas in New England Pushed CO2 Emissions UP in 2015

For whatever insane reason, some in New England, including the two U.S. Senators from Massachusetts (see today’s companion story) irrationally hate natural gas because it is a “fossil fuel.” These demented folks believe that by burning natural gas, more carbon dioxide (CO2) is pumped into the atmosphere and that increasing amounts of CO2 are causing the earth to warm up, catastrophically. At least that’s what they say they believe. The problem with their theory (libs always have problems because their theories never work out in reality), is that CO2 levels have decreased across the U.S.–because of the increased use of natural gas. Except for New England. Because New England is not using as much natural gas as other regions, making them rely on oil-fired electric plants, New England’s CO2 levels went UP in 2015! They not only pay more for electricity and energy than any other region of the United States, they’re using dirtier energy–all while claiming they love the environment and don’t want “dirty” natural gas. What idiots…

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