Mass. Senators Ask FERC to Reverse Atlantic Bridge Certification

Two of the most unfit Senators in the U.S. Senate are Ed Markey and the faux American Indian, Elizabeth Warren. Both radical extremists–both kind of loopy. So it is no surprise that they are calling on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to reverse the decision FERC made just last week to authorize Spectra Energy’s Atlantic Bridge project (see FERC Approves Atlantic Bridge Project for New England/Canada). What makes their request so bizarre is there isn’t a chance in Hates that FERC will reverse that decision–especially with President Donald J. Trump in charge (yes, elections have consequences). So why ask FERC to do it? Ostensibly antis like Markey and Warren are worried about FERC for the same reasons pro-gas supporters are worried. With the huffy departure of Commissioner Norman Bay today (calculated to do maximum damage to the Trump Administration), there won’t be enough Commissioners to make decisions on big pipeline projects (see FERC Commissioner Resigns Threatening Major M-U Pipeline Projects). Our concern is that important projects will get delayed. Markey/Warren’s concern is that already-approved projects, like Atlantic Bridge, won’t get a vote to reconsider for the same reason…

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