OOGA Joins Fight Against Obama BLM Venting-Flaring Rules

In January 2016, the Obama Dept. of Interior posted a new rule that will make it all but impossible for oil and gas drillers to drill on federal lands (see Obama’s Interior Dept. Sneaks in New Rule to Limit Methane). The new 298-page rule requires companies to use expensive equipment to capture every last molecule of methane, the stuff these companies already capture so they can sell it, to prevent any “fugitive” methane from escaping into the atmosphere where it contributes to mythical global warming. Obama has also hiked the price drillers will pay to drill on federal lands. The aim is, of course, to shut down drilling on all federal lands. The “venting and flaring rule,” as it’s known, was adopted by the outgoing Obamadroids in the closing days of Obama’s ignominious administration. The new rule was due to be rolled back by a vote in the new Republican-controlled Senate. But that hasn’t happened–yet. Timid Republicans are afraid that rolling back the horrible rule will lose them votes with green radicals (not that greens will ever vote for them anyway). There is a full court press to get the Senate to vote. The Ohio Oil & Gas Association (OOGA), representing hundreds of Ohio drillers, has joined the effort and is trying to convince Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman to support the repeal of the BLM rule…

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