Powelson Under Fire for Calling Enviro Jihadists, “Jihadists”

Two days ago MDN reported on comments delivered by Rob Powelson, currently a member of Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) and via that role, currently the president of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC). Powelson gave a talk at the Upstream PA conference in State College earlier this week–in which he said, “The jihad has begun…At the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission groups actually show up at commissioners’ homes to make sure we don’t get this gas to market. How irresponsible is that?” (see Potential FERC Com. Powleson Calls Anti-Fossil Fuelers “Jihadists”). We applauded Powelson for speaking the truth about the nature of environmental radicalism that has morphed into a religious war against fossil fuels. Groups like Food & Water Watch, THE Delaware Riverkeeper, the Clean Air Council and others are similar to radical Islamists who perpetuate jihad and terrorism. For radical Islam, the object is to forcibly convert non-Muslims to their religion–Islam. Or kill them if they won’t convert. For radical environmentalists, the object is to forcibly convert American residents into abandoning the use of fossil fuels–the green “religion.” Or politically “kill” them if they don’t follow the green philosophy. Powelson’s comments were spot-on. When bullies show up at FERC Commissioners’ homes and menace them, that’s WAY over the line. Now those same radical environmentalists are in a religious fit over Powelson’s remarks, demanding that he resign from the PA PUC for his “racist” remarks. Earth to eco-nuts: Powelson soon will resign from the PUC, when Trump nominates him as a FERC Commissioner! In the meantime, Powelson has had to “walk back” his remarks, apologizing (never apologize!!!) for using the term “jihad.” Why? That’s EXACTLY what these people are!…

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