Dear President Trump: FERC Needs a Quorum. NOW.

We reported back in February that a group of far-left House of Representatives Democrats sent a letter to President Trump imploring him to appoint new members to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (see Anti-Drilling Democrats Ask Pres. Trump to Fill Up FERC). Then in March, a group of lefty Senate Dems did the same thing (see Senate Democrats Send Letter to Trump Requesting New FERC Members). FERC is the agency that, among other things, reviews and approves interstate oil and gas pipeline projects. The agency has been without a quorum since Feb. 3, when Norman “cry baby” Bay quit in a huff (see FERC Commissioner Resigns Threatening Major M-U Pipeline Projects). So why would those who hate FERC want it staffed up and humming along? Because without a quorum, FERC can’t hear requests for re-hearing. In Democrat-land, you want to get to a liberal judge as quickly as possible to stop a pipeline project. Dems can’t litigate until FERC denies a request for re-hearing a decision to green light a pipeline project. Without a quorum, previous decisions stand and pipelines are getting built–a five alarm emergency is radical enviro-land. So they’re trying to pressure Trump to appoint at least one more commissioner, stat. But the antis aren’t the only ones. Now those on the pro-drilling, pro-pipeline side of the isle are joining the chorus and attempting to “encourage” (pressure, cajole, goose) President Trump into getting more commissioners appointed asap. The Natural Gas Supply Association, American Gas Association, Energy Equipment & Infrastructure Alliance, Independent Petroleum Association of America and Interstate Natural Gas Association of America penned a joint, open letter to President Trump, published in a major Washington, DC newspaper, requesting he get at least one FERC appointment done. Soon. ASAP. Now. Even if that happens, it’s likely to take another two months before the new commissioners are seated and working…

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