PA Teen Sues Trump Over Mythical Man-Made Global Warming

Eighteen-year-old Sophie Kivlehan has been brainwashed by her parents and grandparents, big believers in the myth of man-made global warming, since she was a tot. Her grandpa, Jim Hansen (astro-physicist at Columbia University) is a smart guy–“perhaps one of the worlds’ most well-known climate scientists.” Grandpa Jim did a good job of making sure young Sophie learned her lessons well–about the evilness of fossil fuels and how Mom Earth is ready to toast–any minute now, thanks to burning fossil fuels. Of course such beliefs must, of necessity, disregard hard scientific facts/data that show temps around Mom Earth aren’t going up and haven’t been for the past 20 years. It’s all about what “might” happen and what’s coming “just around the corner.” All based on cockamamie computer models. The same models can’t predict temperatures and the weather accurately for next week–but boy can they predict that the earth is about to fry. Any year now. But back to you Sophie. She’s decided four months in office for President Trump is long enough. He’s not doing his job to combat mythical global warming, so she’s suing him–hoping the courts will make him do it. Ah, Sophie darlin’, when was the last time anyone made Donald Trump do anything? Of course, Sophie’s lawsuit (really backed by Big Green) is nothing more than a sick publicity stunt…

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