Sierra Club Sues NJ to Stop 22-Mile Pipeline Thru Scrub Pines

In January 2014 MDN brought you the story that due to incessant nagging from the NJ Sierra Club and the NJ League of [Liberal Democrat] Women Voters the Pinelands Commission, which oversees a stand of scrub pines in South Jersey, nixed a plan for a new natural gas pipeline to bring cheap, clean, abundant Marcellus Shale natural gas to South Jersey for use by residents and to feed an electric plant a local utility wants to convert from burning coal to natgas (see Sierra Club, LWV Chooses Coal over NatGas in South Jersey). Without recounting the entire history of this issue (see our previous stories), suffice it to say the Commission eventually saw the light and in February approved the short, 22-mile pipeline (see NJ Pinelands Commission Approves 22-Mile Pipe Thru Scrub Pines). It took them two months, but the litigious (and radical) Sierra Club, along with their radical blood brothers at Environment New Jersey, this week sued to stop the project. The NJ Sierra Club’s Jeff Tittel says the Pinelands Commission has “sold out the Pinelands” and so the Clubbers must now shoulder the burden of protecting scrub pines from an evil fossil fuel pipeline…

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