Lancaster Forum to Focus on Handling Anarchists in Pipeline Protest

We live in a country of laws, governed by “the rule of law.” That means we elect people to pass laws, and then we collectively live under those laws–whether we like them or not. If we don’t like the laws, we vote in new representatives to change the laws. Or we challenge the laws in court. But what if those laws become tyrannical? Our founding fathers, like Thomas Jefferson, said a little revolution every now and again isn’t a bad thing and may be necessary. There is a small but well-funded group of radical environmentalists who apparently believe the time has come for revolution. Their motivation is an irrational hatred of fossil fuels, operating under the wrong belief that by burning fossil fuels mankind is doomed. That belief motivates them to use (and abuse) the court system to try and block any and all drilling and pipeline projects. And when the courts don’t decide a case their way? They threaten revolution. They call it “peaceful protest”–but we’ve seen what they mean by that (see Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Turn Violent; Coming Here Next?). Just last week MDN highlighted words taken directly from some of these people, who claim they want to incite “riots, strikes, sabotage, occupations, expropriations, rebellion, revolt, insurrection, whether together or alone – we support liberatory revolt” (see Anti-Govt Radicals Begin 24/7 Tree Sit in PA to Block ME2 Pipe). Some of the same people who made trouble in North Dakota and have advocated for rebellion are now organizing to launch something similar in Lancaster County, PA–to try and block construction of the $3 billion Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline. State Senator Scott Martin is hosting a forum tomorrow in Lancaster, for local officials and law enforcement personnel, to prepare them for what may be coming. The forum (closed to the public) will feature a video link with North Dakota officials. Lancaster is gearing up for a battle against lawless anarchists…

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