Beginning of the End: EPA Issues 90-Day Stay for Methane Rule

The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under the Obama/McCarthy reign of terror, far overstepped its charter by seizing power that didn’t belong to it. In May 2016, the EPA issued new methane rules in a back-door way to try and regulate the oil and gas industry (see EPA Does it Again: Tries to Destroy O&G with New Methane Rule). In pretty short order several states sued to stop the order, which eventually turned into 15 states (see 15 States File Lawsuits to Block EPA O&G Methane Rule). The EPA claimed, at that time, that methane is leaking out of bore holes, pipelines, valves–just about everywhere on a well pad. And methane (as the fairy tale goes) is a gajillion times more “potent” than carbon dioxide when it comes to causing man-made global warming. The problem is, the EPA used estimates, calculations, algorithms, and spreadsheets as their “evidence.” They never went into the field and actually measured anything. Such a field study was done–by the EPA–in the Uinta Shale Basin in Colorado. In research published just last month, the EPA found it had overestimated methane leakage by 97% (see Study Finds Fugitive Methane from O&G 97% Less than EPA Estimates). The only rational thing to do is to stop the EPA’s rule and reevaluate it in light of this new evidence, which the EPA did last week. The EPA put a 90-day “stay” on implementing the Obama methane rule–which marks the beginning of the end for this terrible rule. Earlier this week, a group of radical environmental organizations (some of the worst of the worst) sued the EPA for stopping implementation of this illegal rule based on faulty science…

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