Sec. Perry: Obama Talked Clean Energy, Trump Will Actually Do It

So often, what passes for “action” in the land of liberal Democrats is talk. As long as you mouth the right words, and as long as your intentions are “good,” that’s good enough. They never seem to be held to the standard of evaluating whether or not all of their hot air actually *produces* the intended result. The Obama administration was full of that kind of well-intentioned talk–but no results to show for all of their talk. Take the jobs and economy-killing Paris climate treaty as an example. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry said, in a recent editorial, that Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the Paris agreement is the right decision, one he fully supports. In responding to the hysterical Chicken Little “the sky is falling” enviro weenies now running around apoplectic about Trump’s action in ending a very poor agreement, Perry said: “Our work and deeds are more important than unenforceable words in a nonbinding agreement. Rather than preaching about clean energy, this administration will act on it.” Lib Dems just hate it when the truth is exposed for all to see…

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