Group Forms to Shill for High Electric Prices from PA Nuke Plant

Exelon Corporation, the company that operates the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant near Harrisburg (yes, THAT infamous TMI), is accomplishing what it set out to do. Nuclear power simply can’t compete against low-cost, abundant, clean-burning natural gas. And it’s losing. Just like coal did. But nuke plants produce a lot of electricity. And until the past few years, they’ve been quite profitable for the companies that own them. Not any more. So what do those companies, like Exelon, do? Ask the government to stack the deck, of course! Exelon recently announced they will close TMI in the next year or two–unless Pennsylvania behaves like socialist New York and Illinois to prop up the money-losing plant with subsidies. We wrote about this issue recently (see Nuke the Nukes: Harrisburg Battle to Prop Up Failing Nuke Energy). TMI is now the poster child. “Give us money, or we’ll shut ‘er down.” And with the threat of a shutdown, Exelon has enlisted local and state politicians to “sound the alarm” (i.e. shill) in order to “save jobs” and “save our communities” by injecting taxpayer and ratepayer money into these failing power plants…

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