Past PA Biz Roundtable Pres. Wants Severance Tax to Build More Pipes

As the Pennsylvania budget deadline looms (June 30th), the Democrats and RINO Republicans are out in full force pushing, like a broken record, the dead issue of a severance tax. For the next nine days (or more, if the budget doesn’t pass on time, which is likely), we will have to hear about the Grand Canyon budget gap that exists, and how only soaking drillers (and landowners) to use THEIR money, will fix it. Johnny one tune. Every argument we’ve read always says money from a severance tax is needed to help fund the general budget. So when we spotted an opinion column that argued for the severance tax so the state can use the money to build more pipelines to areas without pipelines, so more residents can use natural gas, we thought that was kind of unique and funny. No, building more pipelines is not a good reason to impose a severance tax. It’s nothing more than yet another way to try and get one passed, and once in place, change the things it funds. In other words, it’s a lie. This particular view was offered by the former president of the Pennsylvania Business Roundtable. He’s also someone who’s “spent four decades in and around state government.” In other words, a swamp dweller. And establishment insider–the establishment in this case located in Harrisburg. So we’re not surprised that he wants a Marcellus-killing tax. It’s just dressed up in pretty platitudes…

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