Pittsburgh Mayor Embarrasses Himself Following Trump Paris Speech

Mayor Bill Peduto

Last Thursday when President Trump committed to pulling the U.S. out of the horrible Paris climate treaty, he said this: “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.” What do you think he meant by that statement? We watched the speech, and we immediately burst with pride that Trump was putting our citizens first. But the radical/left/Democrat mayor of Pittsburgh thought he would make some political hay from Trump’s speech, saying he was “personally offended” by Trump’s remark. Why? Mayor Bill Peduto said Trump’s remark evokes “a dated image of Pittsburgh as an old city stuck in the 19th century, relying on steel and coal.” Do you think that’s what Trump meant? Of course not. And Peduto knows it. He later admitted he knew what Trump meant when he said, “Maybe he should have a speech writer that understands the difference between cities and regions and not just try to use cute iteration in order to make a point.” Uh, Mr. Mayor, we think the word you wanted to use is “alliteration.” Obviously Trump was using a play on words, an alliteration that used the “p” sound for an American city to compare it with Paris. An iteration means to repeat something. Perhaps the reporter misquoted the mayor? Regardless, Pittsburgh and some 100 other cities (and a number of lefty states) have piled on since the Trump Paris announcement to say “we’ll still do Paris anyway.” Fine. Does that mean you’re willing to transfer billions of dollars from your citizens, to give it away to other countries, to achieve a 0.17 Celsius reduction in “global warming temperatures” by the year 2100? Because that’s exactly what the Paris “treaty” was all about–soaking Americans and giving their money (and jobs) to other countries. If you think the Paris treaty was actually about reducing temperatures across the globe, you are sorely mistaken…

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