Allegheny Institute: PA Impact Fee is Better than a Severance Tax

The Allegheny Institute is out with another top notch policy brief. This one tackles the state’s existing impact fee and addresses the issue of why revenues from the impact fee have slid over the past several years. The Institute is not denigrating the impact fee, but lauding it as a better system of taxation than a severance tax. The Allegheny Institute exists to conduct research, education and advocacy work in a mission to defend taxpayers and businesses against burdensome taxation, inefficiency and intrusiveness of an ever expanding government–a pretty tall order because government at all levels is always expanding, like a voracious monster. Think of the Allegheny Institute as a mini version of the Heritage Foundation–focused specifically on Pennsylvania. The newest brief, titled “Shale Gas Impact Fee Revenue Continues to Slide” (full copy below) takes an honest, and hard look, at the impact fee. Researchers conclude that slapping a severance tax on top of the impact fee would be a disaster and violate the state’s commitment to drillers when they passed the impact fee…

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