PA Gov Wolf Said He Thinks House Will Support Severance Tax

We suspect Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (a Democrat) may be smoking some of the state’s medical marijuana–sampling the goods, just to be sure it’s safe, ya know. During an interview with a PA public radio station yesterday, commenting on the horrible budget bill passed by traitorous Senate Republicans, Wolf said, “I believe that the House will support the Marcellus Shale tax as well.” Notice the Freudian slip? Wolf WANTS to target the Marcellus industry. He called it a “Marcellus Shale tax” as opposed to a severance tax. The Dems are attempting to conflate a “Marcellus Shale tax” with things like a “cigarette tax.” Nasty, vile stuff–but if people want it, tax ’em to hell and back. RINOs in the Senate fell for the severance tax trap sprung by Wolf and the Dems. We predict the House will NOT pass the Marcellus tax, Mr. Wolf. We don’t smoke weed–so we have a clear head about these things…

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