Radicals Admit #ExxonKnew Effort Aimed at Suppressing Free Speech

A radical activist “closely aligned” with the #ExxonKnew campaign to try and bankrupt the oil giant has admitted the campaign is not really about a “cover-up” by Exxon that it “knew” global warming is real and that its oil/gas is contributing. In a bombshell admission, Naomi Oreskes says the #ExxonKnew campaign is actually about punishing Exxon for arguing against specific Big Green climate policies–not about what the company “knew”. That is, she admits it is about removing Exxon’s right to free speech. Shutting them up. Bullying them into silence. This is how free speech dies folks–when the fascist left demands nobody says anything they don’t like. Thankfully, Exxon is sticking up for free speech and our First Amendment rights…

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