NY AG Schneiderman Takes Russian Oil Money, Attacks US Shale

NY AG Schneiderman

If this doesn’t beat all. New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has, for years, been at the center of a conspiracy to shake down Exxon Mobil by claiming the company “knew” that burning its fossil fuels would lead to man-made global warming, and that Exxon actively worked to suppress that knowledge in the public sphere. Earlier this year Schneiderman refused (still refuses) to turn over emails that show he has been colluding with Big Green groups and those who fund them in a conspiracy against Exxon (see NY’s AG Schneiderman Sowing the Seeds of His Own Destruction). It’s now time to remove Schneiderman from office. Evidence has come out that Schneiderman has accepted more than $60,000 from a Ukranian billionaire with ties to Russia’s big oil companies. That is, Scheiderman has taken campaign money (bribes?) from Russian oil–and turned around and attacked American oil and gas. Schneiderman is fully behind New York’s ban on fracking. He’s also in there fighting against natural gas pipelines. Scheiderman has also received a whopping $251,000 from liberal billionaire Communist George Soros (and the Soros family). Soros is another Exxon enemy. So how does that work Mr. Schneiderman? You take money from Russian Big Oil and Communists, only to turn around and attack America’s shale industry? Really? It’s corrupt, and Schneiderman needs to go, NOW…

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