Anti on HuffPo Agrees w/MDN: Wolf Dangled $1M Carrot for Severance Tax

Last week MDN told you about a visit by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf to Wyoming and Susquehanna counties in northeastern PA (see PA Gov. Wolf Visits NEPA to Barter for Marcellus Severance Tax). As we said at the time, the point Wolf was making on his visit to Tunkhannock is that $1 million promised to the village as part of the PIPE (Pipeline Investment Program) is being held up because the state budget is late. The budget is late because (according to Wolf) those dunderheads in the House won’t approve a severance tax. And if the hicks in Tunkhannock and elsewhere in rural NEPA would just pressure their House members to pass the severance tax, voila, that $1M check is in the mail. Sleazy. So imagine our surprise to read a column by a hardened anti-fossil fuelers in the Huffington Post–that essentially says the same thing. She even used our analogy–that Wolf is holding out a $1M carrot to elicit support for the severance tax. While you have to put up with the anti-drilling snark, the article/column is actually pretty good, giving a history of the PIPE program and its successes (which the author considers failures)…

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