French Schizo: Ban Gas Drilling; Gas Bridge to Renewable Future

MDN editor Jim Willis had the pleasure of visiting France in 2006. It is a breathtakingly beautiful country. Jim found the French people to be personable and easy to deal with, contrary to the popular myth they are arrogant and hate Americans. But hey, that was just one guy’s experience. Maybe you have had a different experience? We’ve written about France’s on again, off again frack ban over the years (see our stories about France here). You don’t have to worry about whether or not France will ever allow fracking. Beginning this fall, the country will stop issuing ANY/ALL permits to drill for ANY/ALL oil and gas–conventional, shale, doesn’t matter (see France Commits Energy Suicide – No New Oil & Gas Exploration, Ever). France says it will transition to “environmentally-friendly energy.” You know, like solar and wind–even though discarded solar panels are about the same thing as disposing of nuclear waste (an ecological disaster). But appearances are everything for French President Emmanuel Macron and his certifiably-insane government. France (as of 2013, the most recent stats we could find) gets 44.5% of its energy from oil and gas, the single largest block of energy powering the country. Nuclear is second, at 41%. Wind and solar? Together they make up less than 1% of France’s energy supply. Here’s another bit of evidence that France is schizophrenic when it comes to energy: Recently the French international association for gas, CEDIGAZ, released a report (copy below) that predicts worldwide natural gas use will rise 1.6% per year from 2014-2035, outstripping all other forms of energy, renewable or not. CEDIGAZ also says natural gas and LNG are “a key transition fuel” to the renewable, sustainable nirvana that awaits us in the future. And yet France is banning all oil and gas drilling–eliminating the bridge to that future. How do you reconcile that?…

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