It’s Time to Start Drilling, Fracking & Piping in…New Jersey?!

Will fracking come to New Jersey? We asked that question back in 2013 (see Will Fracking Come to…New Jersey?!). At the time we pointed out the Marcellus/Utica only marginally touches the border of NJ, but that another rock layer called the Newark Basin underlies most of the state. We cautioned folks not to hold their breath, with good reason. There’s been zero talk about drilling in NJ since that time. However, there’s been plenty of talk about building pipelines to carry PA’s fracked Marcellus gas into the Garden State. What got us to thinking about fracking in NJ was an opinion article published yesterday by TV and radio personality Bill Spadea–a conservative Republican who lives and works in NJ (qualifies him as a missionary, in our book). Spadea makes a strong case that if NJ wants to fix its perpetual budget mess (huge state debts), there is a way–by encouraging (yes) fracking, and off-shore drilling, and more pipelines into and through the state. If NJ takes his advice, it would “Make New Jersey great again”…

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