Sierra Club Radicals Use FL Court Case to Challenge 2 M-U Pipelines

In August, the D.C. Court of Appeals ruled in a case that may have long-term, very negative consequences for the oil and gas industry related to pipeline development (see DC Court of Appeals Legislates New Law re FERC & Global Warming). The profoundly litigious, anti-fossil fuel radicals of the Sierra Club previously filed a lawsuit against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) blaming FERC for not considering mythical man-made global warming as it conducted a review of three pipelines in the southeast. The Sierra Club is known for filing frivolous lawsuit after frivolous lawsuit. This is just one in a long line. The Southeast Market Pipelines Project is an umbrella project for three natural gas pipelines in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. The linchpin of the project is the Sabal Trail pipeline, which travels from Tallapoosa County in eastern Alabama, across southwestern Georgia, and down to Osceola County, Florida, just south of Orlando (nearly 500 miles), feeding gas-fired power plants in the region. The Sierra Club antis said the three projects together didn’t take into consideration an increase in carbon and methane that would result from the three projects getting approved, and that said carbon and methane will contribute to man-made global warming. The D.C. Court of Appeals agreed and instructed FERC to reconsider its environmental assessment of the three projects–vacating an approval of the main part of the project, the Sabal Trail pipeline. Just one teeny tiny problem (for the antis): all three pipelines–Sabal Trail, Hillabee Expansion and Florida Southeast Connection–are up and running. This decision likely will not shut them down. But the decision does have a big impact on projects not yet built. Drunk on their earlier success, yesterday the Sierra Club filed two requests (demands?) with FERC requesting the agency redo their already-done environmental impact statements for Dominion’s $5 billion Atlantic Coast Pipeline from WV through VA and into NC, and for EQT’s $3.5 billion Mountain Valley Pipeline, from WV into VA. The Sierra Club says the Sabal Trail decision is all they need to force FERC into redoing the EIS’–to force FERC to consider mythical man-made global warming…

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