Antis Redux Court Strategy on Orange County, NY Gas Power Plant

Antis certainly learn from one another. If an anti-fossil fuel tactic works (in court) in one place, antis in other locations jump on it like white on rice. Ninny nanny antis in the Chenango Valley School District (suburb of Binghamton, NY) got their knickers in a twist when NG Advantage proposed building a “virtual pipeline” project about a mile from one of their schools. A virtual pipe is a compressor station that compresses gas from a pipeline (the Millennium in this case) and loads it onto specially fitted tanker trucks to haul the gas to industrial users. The school paid $40,000+ for an outside-the-area law firm, which sued and in a county-level court (called “Supreme Court” in quirky NY). The Big Money law firm won the case, convincing the judge to proclaim that the local planning board didn’t do a good enough job in considering NG’s application (see Judge Rules Against Broome Virtual Pipe, NG Advantage to Try Again). Hey, it worked in Broome County, NY, so the ninny nanny antis in Orange County, NY (close to New York City) thought they would give it a try. Competitive Power Ventures is in the midst of building a $900 million natural gas-fired electric generating plant in Wawayanda, Orange County. Early on local antis sued to stop the project, but a local judge threw out the case in 2015, clearing the way for construction (see Orange County, NY Marcellus-Fired Electric Plant OK’d by Judge). Antis next tried to deny a source of fuel for the plant. They were successful in pressuring New York’s corrupt governor, Andrew Cuomo, to instruct his corrupt Dept. of Environmental Conservation, to deny a permit for a 7.8 mile pipeline to feed the plant. Eventually, in an unprecedented (and embarrassing for NY) action, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission overruled the DEC to allow the pipeline to be built. So that avenue to stop the CPV electric plant bombed out for the antis. Back to square one. Antis are now suing the local planning board in Wawayanda, claiming they didn’t do a good enough job in reviewing the original application. Sound familiar? A court date is set for tomorrow in the case…

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