Former NY AG Accuses Current AG of Corruption re Exxon Witch Hunt

It seems like forever we’ve been telling MDN readers that the Attorney General in the State of New York, Eric Schneiderman, is corrupt. We’ve written dozens of stories about Schneiderman (see them here). Schneiderman has targeted shale companies, pipeline companies, and his biggest gambit to date: ExxonMobil. Schniederman, in collusion with Big Green groups and several other far-left Democrat AGs, launched an investigation into Exxon last year, claiming Exxon “knew” that mythical man-made global warming is real and that their products (oil and gas) contribute to said global warming and that they (Exxon) have hidden their “research” from investors for years. Schneiderman has changed his story several times about why he launched the investigation–and what he’s looking for. He has demanded all sorts of internal documents from Exxon. In return, Exxon has demanded emails and documents from Schneiderman–to expose his collusion with Big Green. Schneiderman has refused such court orders. The man is an out-of-control menace. But it’s one thing for MDN to say it. “There goes Jim again, harping on an issue like Schneiderman, you know how Jim tends to exaggerate.” So if you don’t believe us when we say Schneiderman is corrupt, perhaps you’ll believe a former Attorney General of New York, Dennis Vacco, when he says Schneiderman is corrupt…

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