Natural Gas Power to Replace Nuclear Plant in New York

On Monday, experts said that closing the Indian Point nuclear plant on the Hudson River in New York will cause a loss of power to the local electric grid feeding New York City. However, they also said natural gas electric generation will fill the void left by the old and uneconomic nuke plant. That is, Marcellus Shale gas will save the day–yaaah! Entergy, the plant owner, is not all that thrilled that natural gas has won this round. An Entergy spokesman at the event could barely conceal his venom, warning gas is an “intermittent facility” with “consequences.” Oooooo. We’re scared. Of course it was nothing more than sour grapes that nukes can’t compete without massive increases for ratepayers to pay the owners of the nuke plants. We live in the U.S., not the U.S.S.R. We have free enterprise, capitalism, freedom and liberty–not a command-and-control economy. Entergy wasn’t the only one spouting nightmare scenarios when (not if) natural gas takes over. Antis don’t want low carbon, low cost natural gas either–because it’s an evil fossil fuel. Antis are looking for a solution, any solution, other than gas-fired power generation, to fill the void that will be left by Indian Point when it closes. Antis have even gotten behind a plan to dig up 333 miles of precious Mom Earth to lay a power cable from Canada through NY. To which we ask: What’s the difference in digging up the ground to lay a power cable or digging up the ground to lay a gas pipeline? Answer: None. Which points out antis’ rank hypocrisy on the issue of pipelines…

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