CORNballs Lose Fed Court Bid to Stop NEXUS Pipeline Construction

A group of landowners in Ohio calling themselves the Coalition to Reroute Nexus (CORN), whom we affectionately call CORNballs, filed a lawsuit in federal court in May against the NEXUS pipeline project (see CORNballs Strike Again, File Lawsuit to Stop NEXUS Pipeline). The aim of the lawsuit is not to actually reroute NEXUS, but to kill it. To stop it. The landowners asked the court to block the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) from allowing the project to proceed, which has been the aim of the CORNballs from the beginning–contrary to the party line that they just want it rerouted around where they live. Flummery. In May when CORN filed their lawsuit we predicted the court would not grant CORN’s request. We were right. Yesterday the federal judge in the case dismissed the lawsuit by CORN. Why? The court in northern Ohio doesn’t have jurisdiction in the case. The CORNballs thought they could get a favorable decision to block NEXUS by filing it in the wrong court. They just burned off seven months (and thousands in legal fees) trying. All for nothing…

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