Eversource Threatens Enviro Defense Fund w/Lawsuit re False Report

In October the radical group Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) published a “report” that makes the preposterous claim that New England customers have overpaid utility bills by $3.6 billion due to collusion between the natural gas and electricity industries (see EDF Accuses New England Gas Utilities of $3.6B Market Manipulation). The report says New England utility companies Eversource and Avangrid intentionally manipulated the flow of gas along the Algonquin natural gas pipeline by placing and later withdrawing orders, in order to spike the cost of gas which then spiked the cost of electricity generated by the resulting higher cost of gas. It is a totally made-up, false report. But in today’s world that doesn’t matter. A group of ambulance-chasing lawyers found enough people to sign on to launch a class action lawsuit against the companies for market manipulation (see New England Lawsuit Claims Utilities “Constrained” NatGas Pipeline). If you allow a lie to linger long enough, it becomes “truth” for the general population. So Eversource is fighting back–telling EDF to remove their false report from the internet and to stop with the false smears–or else. Or else what? Or else Eversource will sue EDF into oblivion. In a “cease and desist” letter sent to EDF, Eversource said this: “Your false and misleading statements are immediately actionable and expose you and those acting in concert with you to liability for substantial damages.” The letter also warns EDF staffers to not destroy emails and other communications. The implication is that warrants may be issued, looking to see who the EDF is colluding with to try and destroy honest companies like Eversource. It’s about time someone gave Big Green groups like EDF a little bit of their own medicine…

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