Enviro. Defense Foundation Continues Quest to Gut PA DCNR Funding

Big Green insanity continues at the so-called Pennsylvania Environmental Defense Foundation (PEDF). The only thing they “defend” is their own twisted philosophy of trying to gouge out the eyes of the oil and gas industry in PA–even at the expense of de-funding their own beloved PA Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources. Last June, the PEDF won a case at the PA Supreme Court by the skin of their teeth (see PA Supreme Court Hands Antis Partial Victory re State Land Drilling). The case dealt with the narrow issue of how PA can spend revenue raised from drilling for oil and gas under state-owned land. A divided court ruled that money from royalties (not lease signing bonuses) must be used only for “environmental” purposes. The Supremes sent the case back down to the lower Commonwealth Court to settle some of the still-unsettled issues. PEDF tried to fleece Commonwealth Court into disallowing lease bonus payments and royalties from being used to pay the operating expenses of the PA Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). That is, antis want to gut the funding that pays the people in the department to do their jobs! PEDF wants lease and royalty money to be used exclusively for Big Green causes. Last week Commonwealth Court told PEDF: “No” (see PA Court Rejects Request to Block Royalties Funding DCNR Operations). The lower court will NOT address the issue of funding salaries and operating expenses of DCNR. The only decision the lower court will make, per their instructions from the lofty Supremes, is whether or not lease bonus payments must also be used for the same things royalty payments are used for–whatever those “same things” happen to be (operating expenses or not). Last week we said, “If PEDF wants to gut DCNR, they will have to go back to the Supremes to do it.” That’s just what they’ve done. The PEDF radicals have filed with the Supremes yet again, asking the Supremes to either take up the issue again, or force Commonwealth Court to rule the way PEDF wants–to gut the funding of DCNR…

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