New England Can “Thank” NY Gov. Cuomo for Sky High NatGas Prices

As we pointed out earlier this week, New England now has the dubious distinction of paying the highest prices for natural gas–in the world (see New England’s Lack of Pipelines = Most Expensive Gas in the WORLD). The recent cold snap, which continues, has made natgas in New England about as valuable as gold. As we pointed out in our post, New Englander’s have nobody to blame but themselves and their uber-liberal, lefty, know-nothing leaders. Except maybe there is someone else who shares at least some of the blame–New York’s corrupt Democrat governor, Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo not only banned fracking (which screws all New Yorkers), he’s also blocked important pipeline projects through NY that would connect Marcellus gas supplies to New England (screwing New Englanders). So New Englanders can blame themselves AND blame Gov. Cuomo. Forbes writer David Blackmon does a masterful job in laying the blame where it belongs–at the feet of Prince Andrew…

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