Fake Ohio Landowner Groups Launch Misinformation Campaign

Ohioans are wising up to the misleading information being pedaled by radical anti-fossil fuelers. MDN warned you last month that “Keep It In the Ground” activists have launched a new, deceptive campaign in their holy mission to end the use of fossil fuels–fake landowner coalitions (see Warning to Ohio Residents: Beware Fake Landowner Coalitions). The same people behind Food & Water Watch, Food and Water Action, the Sierra Club and other Big Green groups are launching faux coalitions in Ohio with the aim of stopping Utica drilling. They have two new recruits to help them in their holy mission: Earthworks and Congressman Dennis Kucinich. You may recall that Kucinich is running for governor in Ohio and said if he’s elected he will stop all new oil and gas development in the state (see Ohio Democrat Candidate for Governor Says He’ll Ban Utica Drilling). Nobody gives Kucinich a snowball’s chance in Hates of actually getting the Democrat nomination–but then again, crazy Bernie Sanders almost got the Dem nomination for president. One never knows…

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