Big Green Opposes Bill to Relax Regs for PA Conventional Drillers

Big Green groups are objecting to a plan to exempt Pennsylvania’s mom and pop conventional oil and gas drillers from regulations meant to apply to unconventional (shale) oil and gas drillers. The anti-drilling Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) along with the anti-drilling Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) co-authored a letter to PA Senators encouraging them to vote against a bill now working its way through the Senate (and House). In March, two identical bills were introduced, one in the Senate, the other in the House, that would “roll back” (more like “lock in”) regulations that govern conventional PA drilling to the Oil and Gas Act of 1984 (see 2 PA Bills Would Roll Back Conventional Drilling Regs to 1984). The bills are in response to coming changes proposed by leftist Gov. Tom Wolf to over-regulate conventional drillers. Apparently the bills are getting traction, otherwise Big Green wouldn’t bother wasting time on opposing them. Interestingly, Big Green did not send their letter to members of the PA House. It’s well known that while the Senate is Republican in majority, many of its so-called Republican members are RINOs–Republicans in Name Only. Senators without backbone or conviction. People susceptible to bullying by groups like EDF and PEC. Big Green is targeting those most likely to cave–easy marks. Whereas the Republicans in the House are more conservative and not as susceptible to Big Green bullying…

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