Faux “Conservative” PA Energy Group Launches Promoting Solar/Wind

Last week at a press conference an organization calling itself the Pennsylvania Conservative Energy Forum (PennCEF) officially launched. The group says it, “seeks to provide a conservative voice in the state energy policy debate, supporting common-sense, all-of-the-above energy solutions that are good for the economy, grid and national security, and the conservation of our state’s natural resources.” PBS’ StateImpact Pennsylvania, a mouthpiece for Big Green groups, opens its glowing article of the new “conservative” organization this way: “A group of political conservatives wants a voice in the state’s energy future.” Big red flag when StateImpact writes positively about a “conservative” group. We read the StateImpact article, located the PennCEF press release from last week, and looked over their website in detail. It appears PennCEF promotes an “all of the above” energy philosophy–EXCEPT fossil fuels, which are THE major source of energy today and for the next several generations. The use of the phrase “all of the above” used by PennCEF sounds eerily like what Lord Obama used to say. He said “all of the above” but meant he would pick the winners and losers. Solar and wind are the winners, fossil fuels the losers. Which is not truly an “all of the above” philosophy. We scoured the PennCEF website and a single reference (on an infographic) to natural gas. Nothing else about shale gas and its role in a clean energy future. We reviewed the Executive Leadership Council bios, the people who run the organization, and found Big Green, Big Solar, Big Wind, and Big Libs among those steering the organization. Our conclusion? There’s nothing “conservative” about PennCEF–other than a misappropriation of the word conservative…

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