Fossil Fuels – The REAL Superheroes!

Who would win a fight between Thor and Superman? Could Wonder Woman defeat Spider-Man? Does it even matter? Of course not! We just know we love watching superhero movies. But there would be no superhero flicks without oil, natural gas, and coal. You wouldn’t know it to listen to the news media, activists, and many politicians, but these essential energy resources are the REAL LIFE superheroes of our daily lives. Without fossil fuels, we would all be living in an unending horror show with no popcorn, no drink, no comfortable seat, no air conditioning, and… not much else for that matter.

Our friend Mark Mathis at the Clear Energy Alliance is out with another terrific short video (below). He captures the essence of what our fight is all about–that fossil fuels are the morally, ethically, economically superior form of energy in today’s world. Nothing against so-called renewables, but fossil fuels have them beat hands-down.

Take three minutes (PLEASE!) to watch this video: