Sen. Chuck Schumer Promises New NatGas Pipe in Upstate NY

Wait a minute, we’re confused! Chuck Schumer, the titular head of the wild and radical Democrat Party in the United States, a party devoted to combating so-called climate change by ending the use of all fossil fuels, the guy who supports a total ban on fracking in New York State, the guy who got one of his own buddies appointed to FERC (Dick Glick, wind lobbyist and someone who votes against every new pipeline project)–that Chuck Schumer–has just promised the local yokels in an upstate NY town that he will get them a natural gas pipeline to feed the local town (with a new industrial park and a paper plant). In fact, Schumer said, “I will lean on them,” meaning the feds, to get the money to build the natural gas pipeline. Huh.
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