Susquehanna County, PA Landowner Offered $800K for Mineral Rights to 153 Acre Farm

A landowner in Brooklyn Twp. (Susquehanna County), Pennsylvania faces a big decision. Denise Dennis owns 153 acres and a farm that is eligible to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Her ancestors moved to the land in 1811. They were African American and they were free landowners during a time when slavery was legal.

Ms. Dennis does not want to “destroy the property or the landscape,” but she needs money to fix up the buildings, the cemetery and the stone walls. According to a news report, she has been offered $800,000 for the “mineral rights” to the farm. No word on which drilling company made the offer, and what those rights entail (i.e., does that include royalties?).

Ms. Dennis is mulling over the proposition.

See: WBNG-TV (Mar 1) – The Price of History