Two Bills in NY Legislature Will Kill Drilling in the Marcellus Shale

New York State Senator Tom Duane (Democrat-Manhattan), and New York Assemblyman James Brennan (Democrat-Brooklyn) have introduced bills in the state legislature that would kill Marcellus Shale drilling in New York State.

[The] two bills…would prohibit any permits for oil or gas drilling from being issued for two years, prohibit drilling within five miles of the New York City water supply and ban drilling anywhere within the Delaware River watershed.

The bills introduced by Duane and Brennan have already attracted a number of Democratic co-sponsors in the Assembly from both upstate and downstate.*

Sen. Duane says there is no such thing as safe hydrofacturing drilling. The Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York State opposes the legislation, as does the Business Council of New York and many other organizations and individuals.

MDN recommends landowners who support drilling should make their voices heard. Call Sen. Duane and Assemblyman Brennan to register your opposition. And check in with your local Senator and Assemblyperson while you’re at it.

  • Sen. Duane’s phone numbers
    District Office – (212) 633-8052; Albany Office – (518) 455-2451
  • Assemblyman Brennan’s phone numbers
    District Office – (718) 788-7221; Albany Office – (518) 455-5377

*City Hall (Mar 1) – Legislators In Albany And New York Float Hydrofracking Bills

  • Elizabeth

    Really? I thought you described yourself as just an average guy who doesn’t support drilling and isn’t against it? Why would you suggest that only people who support drilling make their voices heard? I think I’ll give those reps a call myself and tell them “Great job! Keep up the good work!” Thanks for letting me know this. I’ll be sure to forward the info to all of my friends who support a ban on drilling in the Marcellus so they can call too.

  • Jim

    Correction Elizabeth… I DO support drilling, when it’s done safely, as I believe it can be in many (most?) cases. My blog is written from the perspective of, and for the landowner. You’ll find I don’t fit into a nice, neat box. If I believe something is not right, I’ll say so. If it’s not safe, I won’t shy away from exposing it. I don’t have enough of my own land to consider leasing it, or I certainly would.

    I grew up respecting and cherishing the environment–I certainly don’t want it to be polluted. But I strongly believe a total ban on all horizontal drilling in New York, as is the position of Sen. Duane and Assemblyman Brennan, is not practical and not wise, and not beneficial to all of the residents of New York (not just landowners). Having cheap, efficient natural gas supplies right under our feet is something that SHOULD be used, to everyone’s advantage.

    You obviously disagree with my viewpoint and I respect that. I believe people can disagree agreeably, and that’s what I try to do. I’m happy to have you call and support the legislation if that’s your view.

    Thanks for reading and commenting on MDN. All viewpoints, including opposing viewpoints, are welcomed and encouraged, so long as they are civil.

  • Nodrillinghere

    Once it’s safe, they can drill. The problem? It will never be safe.
    ban drilling. You guys can go find another way to make money.
    How about holding a garage sale? That seems to work.

  • Nodrillinghere

    Go Elizabeth, Go!

  • Ljosephy2

    I am thinking of locating in upstate NY as a 2nd home but if the fracking is not banned I will go elsewhere. This is going to be a major disaster and must be stopped. I will vote for any bills or people who support a complete ban.

  • My advice: go elsewhere. Hydraulic fracturing will come to NY.

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