Two Bills in NY Legislature Will Kill Drilling in the Marcellus Shale

New York State Senator Tom Duane (Democrat-Manhattan), and New York Assemblyman James Brennan (Democrat-Brooklyn) have introduced bills in the state legislature that would kill Marcellus Shale drilling in New York State.

[The] two bills…would prohibit any permits for oil or gas drilling from being issued for two years, prohibit drilling within five miles of the New York City water supply and ban drilling anywhere within the Delaware River watershed.

The bills introduced by Duane and Brennan have already attracted a number of Democratic co-sponsors in the Assembly from both upstate and downstate.*

Sen. Duane says there is no such thing as safe hydrofacturing drilling. The Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York State opposes the legislation, as does the Business Council of New York and many other organizations and individuals.

MDN recommends landowners who support drilling should make their voices heard. Call Sen. Duane and Assemblyman Brennan to register your opposition. And check in with your local Senator and Assemblyperson while you’re at it.

  • Sen. Duane’s phone numbers
    District Office – (212) 633-8052; Albany Office – (518) 455-2451
  • Assemblyman Brennan’s phone numbers
    District Office – (718) 788-7221; Albany Office – (518) 455-5377

*City Hall (Mar 1) – Legislators In Albany And New York Float Hydrofracking Bills