Penn State to Monitor 50 Water Wells to Measure Marcellus Drilling Affects on Water Supplies

Penn State will monitor water wells in Pennsylvania to see if they are affected by drilling activity. MDN applauds this effort:

Penn State’s School of Forest Resources along with several Penn State Cooperative Extension county offices have received funding from the Center for Rural Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Water Resources Research Center to conduct a research study on the potential impacts of Marcellus gas drilling on rural drinking water supplies.

The data collected from the study is for research purposes, Penn State officials said.

About 50 private water wells will be selected for free water testing of 15 water quality parameters. Water samples will be collected by trained Penn State researchers both before and after nearby Marcellus gas well drilling has occurred.

Interested residents of the southwest region of Pennsylvania can take the eligibility survey here, call Dana Rizzo at 724-837-1402 or e-mail.*

*Fayette Daily Courier (Apr 12) – Ongoing Penn State study planned on impact of gas drilling

  • Why wasn’t Pitt chosen to do the water monitoring? Answer: Because the truth is bad for the corrupt, frac drilling industry. Always has been. Always will be.
    Chevron Texaco owns Penn State. That’s why Penn State is doing the monitoring. In fact Chevron Texaco owns all of the key university study groups relating to shale gas drilling, including MIT.
    Cost to Chevron Texaco to buy Penn State? $14 million.
    A high school science class could study the effects of frac drilling on water and come up with the results in a week.