PA League of Women Voters Comes Out Against Drilling in the Marcellus

The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania is anti-drilling. Although they pretend to be a non-partisan group, they are anything but. Not only do they sponsor forums with anti-drilling speakers on a regular basis, they have now issued an official position in favor of an extraction tax on drilling in PA, and they have gone on record favoring strict new regulations for drilling in PA. While they don’t categorically say “don’t drill,” their positions and statements essentially do say it. Here’s the opening (alarmist) paragraph from the press statement announcing their official position on drilling in the Marcellus:

FRAC is a four-letter word, F, R, A, C. FRAC impacts everyone in Pennsylvania. It requires the immediate attention of all–from young and old, from rich to poor, from Pittsburgh to Easton, and from Philadelphia to Erie. Why? Fracturing is an explosive process that expels natural gas from Marcellus Shale, a rock that lies deep beneath two-thirds of our Commonwealth. Natural gas extraction impacts our water, our land, our air, our communities, our public health, and our economy.*

Yes, fracturing is an explosive process—small, controlled explosions that happen a mile below solid rock (conveniently left out of the statement). The language used in the press statement is distorting and pejorative about the process of drilling. But hey, it’ll bring in the contributions and it whips up the faithful!

*Statement by Olivia Thorne, President, PALWV (May 3) – Press Conference on Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Extraction