New PA DEP Secretary Krancer Sets the Record Straight, Corrects NYT Errors

Michael KrancerIt looks like new PA Gov. Tom Corbett’s pick to head the Department of Environmental Protection will soon be confirmed by the State Senate. Michael L. Krancer, 53, of Bryn Mawr in Montgomery County, answered Senators’ questions at his confirmation hearing yesterday. In particular he responded to questions about the recent stories in The New York Times alleging PA has been lax in testing drinking water supplies that The Times claims are now contaminated with high levels of radioactivity from drilling wastewater.

Krancer took the opportunity to set the record straight on a few facts The Times got wrong:

He took issue with some points in the story. For example, he said, there are 78, not 31, inspectors for 2,615 Marcellus shale wells.

All inspections are “unannounced,” contrary to what The Times stated, Krancer added.

At least 70 percent of Pennsylvania’s wastewater is recycled, Krancer said.*

Krancer, a Republican, is also supported by at least some Senate Democrats:

Sen. Daylin Leach, D-Montgomery County, who represents Krancer’s district in the Senate, said he couldn’t be “happier” with Corbett’s nomination. He called Krancer a “man of integrity, honesty and intelligence.”*

*Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (Mar 3) – Corbett’s DEP chief gets panel’s approval