Pittsburgh to Test for Radioactivity in City Water Supplies, Wastewater Scare Continues

The fallout from The New York Times series of articles claiming radioactive contamination from Marcellus Shale drilling wastewater is finding its way into water supplies continues:

Pittsburgh City Council urged the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority and Penn American Water on Wednesday to test for radioactive materials in the city’s drinking water.

The resolution, passed unanimously by council, comes after U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, D-Scranton, called for testing for radioactivity because of the expanding Marcellus shale drilling industry. The New York Times reported Sunday that wastewater at more than 100 Pennsylvania gas wells contained radioactive materials.

Both water companies said they have agreed to test water for radioactivity.*

MDN applauds the effort of Penn American Water and the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority in testing. Only when the science proves that there is or is not a threat, will this issue be resolved so we can move on.

*Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (Mar 2) – Pittsburgh City Council backs tests for radioactivity