Former PA Gov. Ed Rendell to NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo: Lift the Moratorium on Drilling Now

An editorial in today’s New York Post, authored by Lawrence Mone, president of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, makes an impassioned plea to Gov. Andrew Cuomo to lift the moratorium on Marcellus Shale drilling. The Manhattan Institute recently released a study showing the economic benefits of lifting the moratorium (see MDN’s coverage here). In today’s editorial, Mone summarizes those economic benefits this way:

By 2015, the state could enjoy $1.7 billion in added economic activity, 16,000 more jobs and $214 million in extra tax revenue if its natural gas reserves were developed. From 2011 to 2020, New York could gain $11.4 billion in economic output, 90,000 to 108,000 new jobs and $1.4 billion in tax revenues.*

But the real “news” is contained in the very last paragraph of his editorial:

At the Manhattan Institute forum where we released our study, former Pennsylvania Gov. Edward Rendell stressed that it was important to "get it right" with regard to rules and regulations—but, at the end of the day, "If Gov. Cuomo asked me my advice about lifting the moratorium, I would tell him the moratorium should be lifted. There’s too much of an upside for New York state and too much of an upside for America." Gov. Cuomo, please give Ed Rendell a call.*

*New York Post (Jun 21, 2011) – Keeping the jobs promise to upstate