MDN Hits the Road for the NY DEC Hearings at Tribeca

clownThe last two circus shows public hearings sponsored by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) on proposed changes to draft shale gas drilling regulations will be held on Wednesday (today) in New York City at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center (Manhattan) from 1-4 pm and again from 6-9 pm. MDN editor Jim Willis is attending the 1 pm session (if he can get in!). A full report will follow on Thursday or Friday.

Meanwhile, a crowd of some 500 pro- and anti-drilling advocates showed up on Tuesday in Loch Sheldrake (Sullivan County), NY for the next to last pair of hearings. See today’s Story Links for early coverage from Loch Sheldrake.

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New Website Shows Maps with Permits, Wells, Pipelines & More

Ever thought to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be great to see what gas well permits have been issued near me, and where gas wells are being drilled—and wouldn’t it be really great if that were shown on a map!”? Such a service is now available—for free. It’s called ShaleNavigator ( and you can use the service just by registering. Pay a low yearly fee and get some useful extras with your account.

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