Bill Extending NY Fracking Moratorium Hits Assembly Today

canon shotNew legislation will be introduced in the New York Assembly today to extend the moratorium on fracking in New York State until either June, or “the end of” 2013, depending on the news source. MDN previously warned that this was coming (see this MDN story).

The bill will be introduced in the Assembly by Robert Sweeney, and likely will be introduced into the Senate by Greg Ball.

New York Assemblyman Robert Sweeney will fire a warning shot across the natural gas industry’s bow Wednesday by introducing a bill to extend a statewide moratorium on horizontal hydraulic fracturing to the end of 2013.

The bill he will introduce on Wednesday aims to extend the state’s moratorium on hydraulic fracturing until the end of 2013. He is not alone in his opposition to fracking. Senator Greg Ball, has been vocal in calling for an extension of the moratorium. Also, several towns have made up their own minds, either putting in place local prohibitions or banning the practice all together.*

*International Business Times (Jan 18, 2012) – New York Could Allow Hydraulic Fracking By Year’s End

  • Anonymous

    Is hydro-fracking  likely to contaminate aquifers? Unlikely but not impossible because sometimes companies are careless or cut corners [ thanks Cabot]. The risk is low but the problem is terrible public perception of process little understood but easily vilified[again thanks Cabot]. The conservative  gas drilling industry rightly believes in hydro-fracking and is unwilling to change without good reasons . They are invested heavily both in expertize and equipment. The extreme anti drilling groups don’t want any gas industry no matter how regulated or environmentally sound. They don’t want to talk about cleaner methods of fracking. At the present time, they seem to be winning the media war.
      But Governor Cuomo would like  economic development and income the gas industry would bring to the state except he is under enormous pressure down state to block hydro-fracking. What he needs is a solution  he could tout  as an environmental ” miracle” fracking technology to go forward.The King Solomon type decision.
     This the reason we landowners need  LPG fracking to come to N.Y.S. ; to blunt the anti’s and to give the Governor and other Politicians cover. Besides, it works better. A PR campaign in state media by land coalitions promoting the “wonderful” environmental advantages of LPG fracturing would make a lot more sense than threats of expensive lawsuits that could take years.

  • Anonymous

    If the pro drilling “airplane” is being piloted by the JLCNY and the Land Owners groups (I hope they are reading MDN and this message especially) this passenger would like to inform them we have lost cabin pressure, the right wing has tore off, the left wing is on fire, and all of the cockpit warning lights and alarms are blinking and buzzing. Do you guys think it might be time to take some evasive action (LAW SUIT!!!!!!!) before the plane and all of it’s occupants (land owners) hit the ground, or are we just going to ride this one in and hope for the best. Where is Captain Sully of the pro drilling movement? It is time to declare war folks because I can tell you this, the anti’s have been lobbing them in (quite effectively) and we have not sent one shell back.
    Maybe I should just stop with the anaolgies and just say WE ARE GETTING OUR BUTTS KICKED AND WE HAVE NOT TAKEN A SWING!!!! We need to sue the State- Subtle enough?? 

  • I like your metaphors, and your passion. Keep commenting! And keep the faith. In the end I believe we will prevail, but it will take a lot of effort.

  • Anonymous

    They may win today but that win will be short term at best. As long as there is an economical way to get it out of the ground these companies will go in and drill it. I have seen the antis try to shut down drilling over all sorts of silly little things (lizards, elk migrations, birds) and at best they just postpone it. I notice there are no new paved roads around here and the schools look a lil rough in some towns. If some of you locals would silence a few of your neighbors you all stand to gain a lot. And it would be really [email protected] hard to get gas back to one of your aquafiers…even with a bad cement job.

  • Anonymous

    I really do not like the fact that I can’t say what I want until you roll out of bed everyday and approve it.

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  • Unfortunately a necessary speed bump to prevent a number of off-topic and self-serving commenters. I try to check comments at least 3-4 times a day. Oh, and fyi, I “roll out of bed” at 5am every day to do my daily check of the news so I can spend 2-3 hours checking it so you don’t have to.


    You don’t have to check for me I am usually pretty aware of whats going on as I am a directional driller for the second largest oilfield service provider in the world. However I do enjoy the articles you have and going through the feedback. Just sucks it takes so long to get something posted. Would maybe be able to have more “debates” if it were realtime is all I’m saying. 

  • I hear you. And I’ll have a think about it. There are some commenters, like yourself, who are responsible. Perhaps I’ll experiment with whitelisting people to encourage more instant commenting/posting. Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting.


  • Anonymous

    looks like the JLCNY read it. Well put Blueflames. I feel the lawsuit is just about ready to go, I guess they (JLCNY) are waiting to see what the Assembly is going to do. We will have no choice if they vote in favor of extending  the moratorium.Then, it would be blatant discrimination against our Landowner rights, ensuring our victory in the end. I believe the Martens tactics of delay here, delay there, not hiring DEC officers and saying they don’t have the man power to oversee, is serving him better right now.

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