PA DEP Sec Krancer Tells EPA You Don’t Understand Dimock

wise upMichael Krancer, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, sent a letter to federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 3 Administrator, Shawn Garvin, on Jan. 5 about the situation in Dimock, PA (a copy is embedded below). The letter is a follow-up to a conversation between the two about the long history and ongoing media circus that is Dimock. In the letter, Mr. Krancer says:

Based on my conversation with you it was clear that EPA is really at the very early stages of its learning curve with respect to Dimock and EPA’s understanding of the technical facts and DEP’s enforcement history with respect to Dimock is rudimentary.

MDN translation: You need to wise up about what’s happened in Dimock and the extraordinary effort we’ve put in there.

Mr. Krancer also says:

Suffice it to say that we hope that EPA’s efforts here not be marked by the same rush to conclusions and other deficiencies here as it was and continues to be with respect to the Pavilion matter.

MDN translation: Don’t think your sloppy investigative methods in Wyoming are going to fly here in PA.

Refreshing to know exactly where you stand with someone, isn’t it?