GASFRAC’s LPG Fracking Method (and Future) Looking Good

In a follow-up to yesterday’s blockbuster news that fracking may begin in New York sooner rather than later if Tioga County, NY landowners move forward with LPG fracking (see this MDN story), the website Seeking Alpha makes the following interesting comment about the proprietary LPG technology used by GASFRAC, and about GASFRAC’s future prospects:

Should eCorp be ultimately allowed to operate in New York through the usage of Gasfrac waterless LPG fracturing technology, this would be a major coup for the company beyond the obvious financial implications. It would offer Gasfrac a unique opportunity to showcase its environmentally sustainable fracturing technology to a vast swath of the US public and may compel other states and even international jurisdictions to choose Gasfrac waterless LPG fracturing as their fracturing solution of choice.

Finally, it goes without saying, developments such as the above further increase the likelihood that major oil service providers such as Halliburton, Schlumberger or Baker Hughes may pre-empt one another to take control of Gasfrac and its patented waterless LPG fracturing process, and thus gain control of an increasingly valuable piece of technology.*

Read the entire article by clicking below—it’s worth the time. You might want to keep an eye on GASFRAC’s stock as an indicator of where things are headed.

*Seeking Alpha (Mar 30, 2012) – Gasfrac Energy LPG Fracturing Chosen In New York