New Compressor Station Near Pittsburgh Hits Opposition

Superior Appalachian Pipeline LLC has filed for a permit to construct a new compressor station in northern Allegheny County, PA (near Pittsburgh):

The Superior Appalachian facility would include five natural gas fueled compressor engines, three natural gas heated dehydrators/reboilers and two 6,500-gallon storage tanks.

The health department’s draft installation permit classifies the facility as a "minor source" of air toxins, emitting 35 tons of nitrogen oxides and 17 tons of volatile organic compounds a year, plus 7 tons of formaldehyde and almost 11 tons of soot and fine particles.

Some area residents are opposed to the project:

More than two dozen residents voiced strong opposition to the first proposed permit for a Marcellus Shale gas compressor station in Allegheny County at a public hearing in Lawrenceville Tuesday night.

Some warned of the health effects seen at other compressor sites in an effort to persuade the Allegheny County Health Department to deny a permit…

"It’s ludicrous that we’re here talking about adding to the infrastructure because so many have told us of the ramifications," said Sarah Scholl, a public health worker. "This has to stop. Someone has to take a stand against this."*

The vice president for project development at Superior, Ken Magyar, told health department officials at the meeting that his company would meet, and in some cases exceed, all regulations and pollution standards.

No word on when the Allegheny County Health Department will make a decision on the permit.

*Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Mar 28, 2012) – Opposition to Marcellus compressor station voiced

Note: A hat-tip and “thank you” to MDN reader Kathleen Ujhazy for brining this story to MDN’s attention.