Number of NatGas Drilling Rigs Continues Slow Decline in PA

The number of gas drilling rigs continues a slow decline in Pennsylvania as companies reallocate those rigs to Ohio and to areas in the country where shale oil drilling is expanding.

The number of gas drilling rigs is declining in Pennsylvania and nationwide due to a combination of low natural gas prices and renewed interest in oil.

There were 98 drilling rigs in Pennsylvania during the week of March 23, according to Baker Hughes. That’s down from 116 during the summer of 2011.

Many drillers are going back to oil.

Three years ago there were about 200 oil drilling rigs nationwide. There were 1,317 last week.

But experts said that doesn’t mean the natural gas boom is over. Now many companies are investing in pipelines and other distribution facilities.*

* (Mar 27, 2012) – Gas drilling rigs decline in state, nation