Anti-Drillers Behave Badly at Act 13 Meeting in Nockamixon

As is typical—and has been the experience of MDN many times—it is the anti-drillers at public meetings who are loud, unruly, offensive and just plain uncivil. The latest example on full display was last night at an educational forum at Palisades High School in northern Bucks County, Pennsylvania where a panel of twelve people had gathered to discuss and answer questions for residents on the new PA Marcellus drilling law called Act 13. Palisades High School is located in Nockamixon Township, one of seven PA townships that recently sued the state over Act 13 provisions that preempt local zoning laws for oil and gas drilling.

The panel “faced a constant barrage of shouted questions and loud sarcastic remarks” from the 300 or so in attendance, many of whom are opposed to drilling.

Some accused the speakers of lying, others accused them of being paid off by the natural gas industry.

People didn’t like having to submit written questions to the panel. Some just stood up and shouted out their questions and sometimes succeeded in getting answers.

Certainly not all of the estimated 300 people packed into the high school’s cafeteria were unruly. In fact, some got tired of those who were, telling them to be quiet, sit down and “let the man speak.”

Not interested in hearing an opposing viewpoint, a standard tactic from the left is to intimidate and obstruct—in this case blocking the way to get into the meeting room:

Before the forum began, opponents of fracking held a pre-emptive press conference in a corridor, blocking access for people trying to enter the cafeteria.

When the first person at the forum shouted out a sarcastic remark, State Sen. Bob Mensch said: “We can’t indulge a lot of comments from the floor. We want to have very productive and credible dialogue.” He was greeted with sarcastic laughter when he said it was not a stacked panel. He asked for courtesy.

You won’t get courtesy from anti-drillers, that’s for sure.

When moderator Betty Graver attempted to wrap things up, several people in the room shouted “we have more questions” and “my question wasn’t asked.” One woman unsuccessfully attempted to start an “answer the questions” chant.

“Don’t plan on being voted in again, that’s for sure,” shouted one heckler.*

Pro-drillers (and MDN) are all for free speech and airing opinions—too bad anti-drillers aren’t.

*WFMZ-TV 69 News (Apr 13, 2012) – Tempers flare at Marcellus Shale drilling forum