Anti-Drillers Behave Badly at Act 13 Meeting in Nockamixon

As is typical—and has been the experience of MDN many times—it is the anti-drillers at public meetings who are loud, unruly, offensive and just plain uncivil. The latest example on full display was last night at an educational forum at Palisades High School in northern Bucks County, Pennsylvania where a panel of twelve people had gathered to discuss and answer questions for residents on the new PA Marcellus drilling law called Act 13. Palisades High School is located in Nockamixon Township, one of seven PA townships that recently sued the state over Act 13 provisions that preempt local zoning laws for oil and gas drilling.

The panel “faced a constant barrage of shouted questions and loud sarcastic remarks” from the 300 or so in attendance, many of whom are opposed to drilling.

Some accused the speakers of lying, others accused them of being paid off by the natural gas industry.

People didn’t like having to submit written questions to the panel. Some just stood up and shouted out their questions and sometimes succeeded in getting answers.

Certainly not all of the estimated 300 people packed into the high school’s cafeteria were unruly. In fact, some got tired of those who were, telling them to be quiet, sit down and “let the man speak.”

Not interested in hearing an opposing viewpoint, a standard tactic from the left is to intimidate and obstruct—in this case blocking the way to get into the meeting room:

Before the forum began, opponents of fracking held a pre-emptive press conference in a corridor, blocking access for people trying to enter the cafeteria.

When the first person at the forum shouted out a sarcastic remark, State Sen. Bob Mensch said: “We can’t indulge a lot of comments from the floor. We want to have very productive and credible dialogue.” He was greeted with sarcastic laughter when he said it was not a stacked panel. He asked for courtesy.

You won’t get courtesy from anti-drillers, that’s for sure.

When moderator Betty Graver attempted to wrap things up, several people in the room shouted “we have more questions” and “my question wasn’t asked.” One woman unsuccessfully attempted to start an “answer the questions” chant.

“Don’t plan on being voted in again, that’s for sure,” shouted one heckler.*

Pro-drillers (and MDN) are all for free speech and airing opinions—too bad anti-drillers aren’t.

*WFMZ-TV 69 News (Apr 13, 2012) – Tempers flare at Marcellus Shale drilling forum

  • Anonymous

    Our pipeline project is about half way to being fully manned. I’d love for these “unruly” anti’s to show up at our Monday morning safety meeting and act the same, telling the 300+ workers that if they got their wish, they would all be unemployed. Now that would be worth watching!!

  • I was one of those “anti drillers” spoken about in the above article.  Our representatives  got what they had coming to them that night.  They have been dishonest with all of us and they will not be voted back in if we have any control over the situation as we intend to.  I come from the “right” just in case you are wondering but I am 100% opposed to drilling unless it can be done safely beyond a shadow of a doubt.  The Act 13 does nothing for the citizens of PA and does EVERYTHING for the drillers.  The part you forgot to put into your little article above was how the Greener Growing Coalition president told us all how they were paid off by the drillers.  That was the only truthful thing said all night by the panelists.  One of the environmental organizations was ask to speak but they could only be on the panel if they agreed not to oppose drilling.  That was what they were told by our representatives/state senators: Marguerite Quinn, Paul Clymer, Senators McIlhenny and Mensch.  NICE-real nice.  Just tell me one thing-why would the vote be taken on HB 1950 without considering our thoughts as citizens.  Corbett and the legislative body doesn’t own the state-they are suppose to be responsibly taking care of the state and they have failed us miserably.  All drillers-GET OUT of our state until you can drill safely.

  • Anonymous

     The Anti movement is over. You all had your say and the over whelming majority of American citizens have spoken. The resource will be tapped, stored and sold whether you like it or not. The Anti movement has been  an abomination, embarrassment and finely a rip off to the well intended. Your time would be better spent, being a watchdog over drilling companies to ensure compliance. Other than that, the radical protesting antics and unsubstantiated cries of drilling pollution have fallen on deaf ears. When politicians change their tunes to drill, you can bet your last dollar that it will happen. Five months ago it looked dismal in NY, thanks to OPEC driving  oil prices through the roof. Now they must make moves to appease the masses.It probably cost you around $70.00 to fill up that Subaru.I’m sure your pissed off too, every time you pull into a Gas station, aren’t you? Well imagine that Subaru equipped  with a NG engine !! It would cost about $25.00 to fill it up, feel better? All the politicians are betting on it.So in short, save your breath, join a good cause and assist in the process of this economic recovery, along with getting completely off the OPEC nipple, and the return of some much needed job and prosperity.

  • The “anti drillers” as you call us maintain “If the drillers cannot do it safely, then they shouldn’t be allowed to drill at all UNTIL they are capable of doing it safely BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT”.  It is evident, even in recent weeks that they cannot do it safely everytime and have very little reason to do it safely since they are only required to pay small fines when they cause BIG problems.  So if you “Wacoyaco” want them drilling in your backyard under present conditions, then be my guest.  However, please be assured I plan to keep them out of mine.    PS All the anticipated Natural Gas is promised to other countries who will pay much more than our market will bear currently so there goes that theory as well.  And I don’t drive a subaru so get your facts straight beofre replying!!

  • Anonymous

     I think” Beyond a Shadow of a doubt” is an unreasonable standard which does not hold up in any human activity. Do we stop driving because 30000 people die each year? Do we stop vaccinating our children because 1or 2 children per million die from a reaction even though the vaccine prevents dozens of deaths and disabilities per million ? Everything we do is a risk assessment and the facts anti drilling groups use to try to block the  horizontal fracturing method of drilling frankly don’t hold up. And this opinion comes from a strong advocate of renewable energy.
      I support consistent , tough regulation for drilling and I want the industry to use ever improving techniques [ like LPG waterless fracking ]  to get the best results drilling with the lowest risk possible. But that doesn’t mean zero risk!
      I suggest your group switch from opposing drilling to working with regulators and industry to maintaining the highest standards. Most of the major concerns of environmentalist can be corrected if effort is made to insist industry spend the money necessary to do it right.

  • Anonymous

    You can provide page after page of facts and statistics to the “anti” crowd, but never sway their hypacritical, blind hatred for the fossil fuel industries. Green racism, forever unhappy!

  • Anonymous

     Debbra, there will never be a 100% safety record, when there is drilling a mile under ground there is bound to be some “accidents” that occur. So come out from under your shell and dreams of perfection.Its construction and there will be human error. Like I said and exdent11 said, put all that negative energy towards being a watchdog then saying” No’. That seems to be the course of action in the Anti movement, just say NO to everything. Its going to happen and you stamping your feet will not stop it. So, join the party and have your group get educated on the process and be a watchdog group. Your group can report any infraction that may arise, and the more eyes on the industry, the better. As for me, my Land ( backyard) is open and any drilling company that wants to lease it is welcome  with wide open arms. Debbra, if you did some homework there are thousands upon thousands of active  wells with ZERO environmental issues. most of the other propaganda type stories you may also have heard/ read about  have been dispelled by the local environmental agencies and the EPA. In the end you’ll come around, money speaks volumes, and if you have enough land  you and hubby and siblings will have a nice comfy life ahead. Even your Anti representatives couldn’t resist. So relax and enjoy the ride.

  • Anonymous

    Hard working Americans are shocked and waking up to realize that their officials are working on behalf of the oil and gas industry with no interest in citizens’ rights.  Are citizens behaving badly for speaking up?  No. State by state where the industry has tried to make patriotic citizens look crazy because their states rights no longer exist. Maybe people are tired of your gas lighting tactics. Yes, there’s something in the ceiling and it’s not a ghost, it’s YOU, your lobbyists and your bloggers.

  • Anonymous

    100% safe – no chance of anything going wrong…  Do you / Can you live your life that way, Debbra?  Every time you get behind the steering wheel of your car, you’re taking a chance no matter how small, that the forces of nature will be aligned just right and you could hurt or even kill someone.  It’s called human error or acts of nature.  So until you can live your life the way you expect an industry that employs thousands should, then, and ONLY then should you feel entitled to a 100% safety record. 

  • Anonymous

    Hard working Americans are WORKING in the oil and gas industry providing a service to the millions of Americans who realize that their lives revolve around energy use. I just got a notice in the mail yesterday, due to low natural gas prices Consumers Energy is lowering my electric bill 13%. Was that accomplished by poor behavior complaining at a public venue? NO! It was accomplished by the cooperation of state gov’t’s, oil/gas industry, and the hard working American workforce. I wish all the Anti’s would gather in front of a windmill on a calm day, then only then would they be useful.