IOGA of NY Publishes New Marcellus Drilling Fact Sheet

The Independent Oil & Gas Association of New York (IOGA of NY) has just released a new fact sheet of quotes from various studies, organizations and prominent individuals in an ongoing attempt to “educate those who will listen and to correct many of the exaggerations and misconceptions about the business of energy development.” A copy of the fact sheet is embedded below.

As New York gets closer to releasing new shale gas drilling regulations, which is not likely to happen before September/October timeframe, IOGA of NY is trying to inject some facts into an emotionally charged debate. MDN applauds the effort.

From the IOGA of NY press release announcing the fact sheet:

Leading researchers and regulators continue to conclude that increased natural gas development and usage will not harm health or the environment and is a vital component to America achieving its long-range environmental and economic goals, a new Independent Oil & Gas Association of New York fact sheet shows.

The latest in a series, this fact sheet highlights the recent work of respected researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, the Manhattan Institute and the University of Texas. Their work, which has been punctuated by the Obama Administration’s support of natural gas development, serves as a reminder to those involved in the discussion of the nation’s energy future that natural gas is widely viewed as a solution to domestic energy challenges.

"Part of IOGA of NY’s mission and commitment to New York and the general public is to employ science and data to educate those who will listen and to correct many of the exaggerations and misconceptions about the business of energy development," said IOGA of NY Executive Director Brad Gill. "The combination of proper regulation and responsible operations has protected New York in the past, and is protecting the environment and human health in other states today. We expect that to continue as natural gas exploration is allowed to expand in the Southern Tier of New York."

Among other findings, the latest fact sheet focuses on the following:

  • The Obama administration embraces natural gas as a tool to create jobs, spur business growth and fuel America for the next century.
  • Natural gas development is no threat to Fort Worth, Texas, residents, the Eastern Research Group concluded.
  • The U.S. EPA finds no "health concern" in Dimock, Pa., well water.
  • Natural gas extraction is no threat to groundwater, the University of Texas at Austin concluded.
  • Environmental concerns are challenging but manageable, MIT researchers found.

This fact sheet is published as the state Department of Environmental Conservation is finalizing new permit guidelines and regulations for natural gas exploration using horizontal drilling combined with hydraulic fracture stimulation.*

*Independent Oil & Gas Association of New York (Apr 23, 2012) – Benefits and Safety of American Natural Gas Exploration the Topic of New Fact Sheet